Saturday, 27 August 2011

Lady's Eyebrows

You could say Fashion is its own Viral?... like wearing your trousers off your backside like those stupid kids think its Hip.. it is not get real, how uncomfortable that must be.. I once sat in a Plane to Gibralter @ age 12, and the elastic in my underwear went on the way to the Airport... and I rember being very uncomfortable but too embarrassed to keep pulling them up.. that holiday was hell.. btw: 

one Fashion I will never learn to begin to comprehend.. thin plucked "Lady's Eyebrows" it drives me mad.. but they do it coz other Women do it.. is that a reason to do it?.. Quite plain Girls look very presentable when they have eyebrows, it makes Her look Younger, less selfconcious, or should She conform to the needs of Nature to get a Mate & Procreate.. coz some old bag who has 2 drawn black lines drawn where her eybrows should be... like a fucking Clown...who Told Her, "oh why dont you pluck your eyebrows Dear..?" 

what the old Lady doesnt realise is.. Men dont give a shit as long as you got tits & a slit, they couldn't care less... because Men are mostly Animals, I know I used to be one before the "accident" Sweetie..

Seriously.. Famous Unplucked Eyebrows include, Katie Melua, what a Bush She's got.... and nice Eyebrows too.. She is a good example, so too Early Helena Christiansen, My Argument is paint your face and look like a clown or a man eater if you want to., but please Don't pluck your Eyebrows.. Please Please, leave Em alone.. it's not natural.. Though.. I would happliy forgive you if you still HAVE Eybrows at all.. but not those thin black streaks that look like a tribal totem pole kinda face.. for a war dance of Disco

Remember Elizabeth Taylor, she still had some on her Deathbed.. Her's were very thick in "National Velvet" though later She Succumbed to the Intimidation of Fashion.. So dont you..

But it's the same with Men's beards from a Woman's perspective, Designer Stubble, must be Hell for a gentle soft Lady's face.. Huh? Who wants to kiss a pin cushion, and wake up with a sore face after a long night of interactive exploration, to put it nicely....  

Men.. listen up.. If You really Love Her, Shave Before Bed, not in the morning... make an effort to make Her night of dissapointment a little less abrasive.. Dont always follow Fashion (Eyebrows) and Dont always Follow Nature (Beards) and if You have a Bidet, Fer Christ-sake use it.. and get your Ass hairs waxed, it may be Painful, but "She's Worth it" isn't She... 

or You will end up paying for it... Coz Prostitutes are damned expensive.. I know, Thats why I live in a Cave, so I can afford it... Coz frankly & to be Honest not Even George Michael would want me... and He Shags Anyone.. but mostly on Hampstead Heath in the Dark against a tree, Thats How I got his Autograph.. Ahem...

My Ideal woman is "a blind deaf & dumb Quadriplegic, at least She wont run off with somebody else... and never say's no.. But You have to hang around Hospitals to find em... and they are hard to kidnap.. and they are fucking heavy... but it's worth it when you get em Home... and if They Die on You, you can always feed em to Your Dog.. as a treat..

Ladies.. by all means Shave Your Armpits Leg's and pelvic places, but leave those Eyebrows Alone... and we Will shave before Bed..



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