Saturday, 10 January 2015

The Death of Hate..

the Death of Hate begins with a tear of regret..and a little cold sweat.. until you are swept away with Hope.. and makes you kneel in grace for, forgiveness...

when you most need Love is when you ask God for it... You lonely bastard... then you have the slightest chance of having a second of truth in the amazing world of living life, your heart is beating, and life is so fleeting..

if you need a religion, get the Beatles.. they will outlast all false beliefs, and false governments.. if you want real saints, prey to George Harrison, John Lennon, and praise the living gospel of Paul McCartney.. at least they left a sound track worthy of devotion..

you dont Kill hate with Love, you saturate Hate with it, until it falls away like a Scab you ceased to pick at...

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