Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Why do people go to jail?

Because "someone one upset them" and they went beyond reason to a place of provoked anger... and.. did something all of time cannot erase..---- Anger that breaches like a voluminous Volcano of unstoppable rage.. the kind of moment that flicks the switch, makes you hit the bitch.... if not knock her down and kick her..

To be born a Woman is a fate worse than death, coz you are born into a world where everybody just wants to fuck you* and own you... and sometimes they go to Jail for it... usually only if they murder rape or/and kidnap you... but hey.. that's the true nature of Men..

I heard a Guy talking about very intimate details of their love life.. a week after the Honeymoon.. *That Beautiful Jewish Girl I met in Hannover Germany in 1988.. I will never forget what she said or her delivery in a heavy accent " Menn juss vannto Fuck You.." I was Shocked.. Because it is so True..

I hate being a Man who wants Freedom to penetrate any hole he fancies.. within reason.. but to be born an attractive girl is a daydream of many a failed transvestite.. lets be honest nothing beats the stubble free real thing..

there is a group of peeps on the net who say, the first Lady is a Boy?.. the Emerican people are deeply disturbed people... thats why I have no intention to ever go there I saw it on TV so many times I have no desire to subject myself to it's "Natives" they are just too damn fucked up, as a nation only about 28% can count and talk English... I may as well get Murdered in in Europe.. by real people with original roots, not mongrels who look like human but are in fact psychopathic Mericans.. not so very far from the rats of the world in Mexico.. there are all fucking Mexicans as far as I am concerned..

Id rather sun bathe naked in Afghanistan... with my Cock in the Koran.. than trust my Shoes in the untameable streets of Mental States known as the Disunited states of altered consciousness... there are 2 parallel governments half of which should be humanely disposed of... Eugenics is an intelligent sensible way to govern a population filled with dangerous genetic behavioural problems.. 3m+ in jail in Amerika.. feed them to pigs and grind their bones for fertilizer.. justice has a price and it Should hurt a lot...

Utopia is what we are evolving toward..  needs a degree of "farming control" a place where only the right people get conceived.. those without the tainting bitter taste of religion.. that corrupts all good things it comes into contact with.. it is only right that the better tribe kills the lesser tribes to predominate.. but there are too many blurred lines... that have to be re assessed...

There are very good reasons to include Screening for all life we breed, yes we breed, but it is very out of control.. too many damaged people are mixing genes in Dangerous ignorance of the ultimate consequences....

You Must be a Racist, You have to be.. if you want to live in a Human race:

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