Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Dreaming beyond your means

buying a Lottery ticket is just like waiting for Heaven to come.. sadly your number will come up way before you win it.. you are helping strangers get rich who dont deserve it.. 

but before it comes up, one thing you do have.. is a Passport to dream.. but beware of dreaming beyond your means.. disappointment is the land of the Loser... your empty little life like a used cigarette in an ashtray filled with burnt out Butt's..

Stogies to Ashes and dust to dust.. but nothing can dash the optimism of a dreamer.. Hope maybe torn to shreds and weather-worn but the feint spark of possibility keeps you ticking over to gasp for another breath, and a mouthful of food..

Melancholy is the only excitement some people know... in a million Bed-sits and Garrets the world over, "all the lonely people, where do they all come from".. where do they all end up..

if your Soul is stillborn with disappointment, into a hell that refuses to let you go.. in a surrogate life that nobody else wanted.. what a good excuse to ask Why.. to the unanswered question, what is the point of existence... Why am I me.. who am I and why.. randomness or predestination... Existence itself is a profound practical Joke.. in the Laboratory of Matter.. a game of metaphysical chess, where most lives are stalemate..

played by a God we can never comprehend the ulterior motives of... dont even ask, just submit to it..

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