Sunday, 23 October 2016

Enjoy consciousnesses..

Thank you God, for my little lot, Enjoy consciousnesses.. lean to absorb contentment.. through the microwaves, and external interruptions.. be a child again in a World of undiscovered Wonders.. just outside of your Electromagnetic Spectrum of perceptions; Your mind basically...

is really all you got!.. the art of mind at its most advanced kind, is to "process information and Emotions correctly".. in a state of heightened arousal yet peaceful and compassionate acquiescence..

Not saying I have mastered it.. but good intentions help so much.. to touch the very mind of Buddha.. you would do if you you could..

so just enjoy consciousness.. in a state of humble acceptance, that you feel think and can see.. but if you desire more, then life will be Hell.. you always have enough, but just dont know it..

consolidate your assets and give it all away.. just keep your begging bowl and soul.. and thank God for another Day..

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