Saturday, 28 May 2016

Wot is a Vagina?

A Man Trap.. a Lemon Squeezer; a lifetime; teaser.. a Steak with so little meat.. but prized by gastronomes, the World over as ironically; a starter, or dessert... (extra ingredients required) the most expensive Meat; Man ever rented... which you never entirely digest with lust alone...

it's kinda like an Anus.. but; without the Shit; in it.. though it's not very far away from it.. and there is a lot of distasteful smelly discharge from it; and a veritable River of Blood every lunar moon... without Hormones it is the last thing on Earth you would want to lick... it's very likely to make you sick..

its a place to hide almost anything inside of it... it starts with a little slit.. then you put your finger in it; and it opens up to an invitation for a perfect person to person grinding party... for a while... genital entanglement.. till you get the knots out..

till you lose your lust and original intention.. soba up and throw up.. to see the substance of your illusion after the party ended..

it is the shangri la Men end up dying for... the illusion of a perfect hole in one... at least an Eagle... it's heavy putting till you sink your ball... it's all some men live for...

and all some Men die for.. the "illusion of ownership" nobody ever owns a Cunt.. it's always open to external influence.. by sheer force alone... According to Mohammed, they were born to be Raped... if unaccompanied by an adult... it's the written Law... in the Book of domination and subjugation of Women in General..

What a curse it is; to be born at all but; a Pretty Girl?... who; is not considered an equal; in this Macho World.. only to be used; and abused by Men who have; not only; no Heart;. but no soul or conscience either... as a Penus has none to start with.. even a Drunk can conceive a Baby.. it's 'autonomous' dear.. Men hardly remember the Bastards they Beget..

there will never be justice for Virgins.. as there is no Court; to grant; the will; to; resist it...  Rape is incurable; to weak men with no limit on their final perversions... 

Beware of a Stiff dick coming your way... nothing can stop it from thrusting it's way into your vulnerable virtue.. it's pure physical physics... nothing can stop a willing proboscis.. winkleing and willfully probing deep inside.. and the more you try to squeeze it shut; to resist it the more "he loves it"...

unless you sew your pussy lips (Labia) together with Barbed wire and frown a lot... coz Men always want to fuck a Girl who smiles.. beware of being too friendly too... it will be the undoing of you.. and you panties will be torn asunder..

so ends my parental advice... if you get pregnant 

"DON'T COME HOME"... have it in the gutter where it was conceived you slut... even whores take precautions you idiot..

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