Sunday, 15 February 2015

Deaf Heaven

O Lord How many people You despair, for the want of an unanswered prayer... or a little warmth and care.. hot food for empty tummies and a gift of help to hard working Mummy's.. however nasty or nice; the truth is, Love is always sacrifice...

for a moment of pleasure, a lifetime of sorrow, begged stolen or borrowed.. Life is a debt you can never repay.. words too difficult to say, and when it's finally; too late, 'you pray'.. for all the Love and kindness... you threw away.. in youthful arrogance, while you played the great seducer in the mating dance..

Nothing is more pathetic and heinous than a broken soul asking for Forgiveness.. because as soon as it is granted.. they do it all over again.. Some hells never must end to pay the full price; of Betraying a friend: who became a fiend on Valentines Day Halloween.. where barbequed Heart with afterbirth is the main dish.. eaten alive in public as you burn in disgrace...

as a thousand malicious minds tear you to shreds of raw flesh in the assassination of your Character via the absolute silence of terminal social rejection, as you are 'but a cancer' they are trying to kill off and cut out..

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