Monday, 5 January 2015

John Humphries of the BBC

Note Edit 068623 2012 August:

John humphries is the incarnation of the anonymous man, the Man we would love to but cant be, because nobody could ever imitate replicate impersonate or manipulate an Aviator with a 64*64 matrix of  processors Nothing is as Human yet Autonomic as the maximum brain control an organic system is capable of.. this man is a FATHER to the Fatherless... who know the superb articulation of his focused ever faithful Consciousness.. a Man with a precise mind who is both Humble and kind... a Phenomenon yet an ordinary Man..

The kind of Mind many seek to attain, but simply do not have the brain... remember his name... as it will become legend first then unbelieveable to replicate... his precision of thought makes all the rest of us NAUGHT..

Long live the good and the great, God Preserve the KING of matter who has the mind to make perfect Chatter... to the precise second, before and after time... his intelligence is almost a Crime...

The Guiding force of a God, with the key to a Mastermind... I admire You Sir, and I promise not to tell anyone... My admiration will forever be anon...


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