Monday, 1 December 2014

eBay Consciousness

Lonely people love eBay coz you can have a lotta fun with not much money.. and then its like Christmas all through the year getting gifts sent to You.. from Yourself.. you know someone loves you.. You do..

but all that window shopping takes a toll on your ass.. the thich firm orthopaedic cushion I got for back pain is now a mere pancake of it's former self.. changing my underwear is like peeling off a layer of skin.. I was born for this Job.. to be a fat greedy slob..

dont pity me... I chose the path of least resistance and it sucked me into it's Marshmallow soul.. of slimey sloppiness and poor hygiene... save me from the cult of eBay I am 4 years in and I cannot see any way out...

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