Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Death must be Wonderful...

There have never been any complaints as yet.. it's the high you cant buy... I was thinking of giving it a try... is it worth a premature Gamble, or wait like a coward to see it eat you... he who wants to live take your lessons from the dead.. they know everything.. but only speak in whispers..

and their words live long beyond the Grave..  a Good idea dies hard, very hard..he who denies Karma is bound to be punished.. God pay's debts without money... (as my Nana used to say to me)

all that peace and nothing to do... Death is instant equality to the fallen... no-one has the advantage.. except those who choose it.. let's face it suicide is the only achievement of a useless life.. Applaud it and be impressed... it makes a martyr out of a dreamer... who needs the eternal Sleep of a Romantic to explore the infinity of unbearable sentimentality..

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