Saturday, 27 September 2014

I dont Remember..

I dont remember.. what she looked like how she felt to my fingers... She's gone from my brow, I dont remember kissing her; though I am certain I did.. Gone to the four winds in ashes.. all traces are erased.. Your whole life is a fleeting memory at the edge of Death.. it seems vivid but it is just a recollection.. yet to be forgotten...

You might as well never had existed... Exactly.. You didn't: when the last kiss dissolved her moisture upon your lips..

That is the moment you died: but now darling.. you live to die again.. that's when you see, it's all your good at.. it's a performance you give to the damned so you can join the merry dance of the skinned corpses who jump when they get touched again.. emotional zombies walk the streets of every town...

from Bar to Graveyard.. from catwalk to gutter.. from maternity to eternity.. jail cell to heaven and hell.. to each their own prison, to each their own guilt or innocence shall not be entered into evidence.. there is no Defence for the Damned..

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