Monday, 26 May 2014

Cracking Gravity...

The last bastion of ignorance is the veil between our understanding of gravity, and to learn to manipulate it, before we can consider ourselves even Adolescents of the Universe, to comprehend the boundary's of the quantum field and to enslave the Event horizon for perpetual energy.. to harvest black holes.. and to hold eternity in our grasp..

we are equal in the understanding of Monkeys on Electricity... dont think outside the box!.. think inside the nucleus of the smallest division within the infinity of inner space, it is not a particle but a waveform... energy is in every speck of dust.. but there is nowhere, where there is not anything... ironically nothing cannot exit according to the fundamentals of physics, there is no empty space where a "field" is not passing through it, or within it...

The invisible is just on the other side of the glass.. where a witness sits and watches you thinking... ultimately everything is electro magnetic.. certainly you cannot disprove that thought itself is not exactly that... meditation is the Stargate to that oneness that unites us all.. where time ceases to matter as decay and Death are but a process of spiritual evolution, Thought is the highest expression of coherence in all the Universe, because thought can change reality in the "real World"... to make it Both Heaven and/or Hell..

it is a very powerful tool not to be misused.. 

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