Friday, 24 January 2014

Atriums are Wonderful..

BUT.. it is a vast vain glorious waste of available space... Humm?... if you wanna see a big space "Go Outside" trek the Grand canyon.. free base jump off a mountain... even if you die doing it, the risk of Fun is very tempting.. but the fear of Death is the ultimate measure of pleasure.. or scale of risk you are comfortable with... i.e. Love is Death, and a promise to it.. but you Go For It anyhow.. so is falling toward the Earth with no visible means of support..

What a Thrill to be killed... doing the thing you love.. Base Jumping or Fornication.. to risk consciousness for a moment.. like the perfect sneeze when you go beyond the autonomic reflex..

O Atriums.. yes.. and no.. but then; yes again oh void of sweet emptiness that fills the heart of every Loser... to jump into your beautiful finite event horizon..

You dont need to see something that is not there, when you can see it through the window.. if it were ergonomically indispensable for a better life and health..then go for it, let people hang from ropes for a thrill.. let them abseil all day, it breaks the monotony of banking in a Lloyds like structure..

Fill it with multiple levels of balloons, fill it up with something for christ's sake.. suspend desks like elevators in naked space... how would that change their choices in large investments.. Danger is a divisible thing.. you can know your safe.. but something can still go wrong.. even in perfect conditions.. the sudden event of Death is an imminent and as you age, ever present fixation.. cowards think about it most..

My latest Impossible Dream is to be an Architect, of a new Age Rome where where nobody wears underwear just the musk of Orchids... Also I got to Paraglide and see the world from free space all around.. 

but remember the biggest place is "inner space"... a thought is the culmination of all things in creation becoming itself for a moment that is already history the moment it leaves your fingers as you type, or parts from your lips like the last kiss of a kind soul who held you as a friend, then fell from grace...  

thank God we never had to get Divorced... Coz we never Married.. there is a blessing in disguise... and a curse in reverse..

Atriums are Wonderful.. I want to find one to jump off where I can make the biggest Splash of brain blood and sprawling intestines, with a Go Pro lashed to my head.. and feet and each hand...

Now thats what I call a Viral YouTube Vid worth watching... losers of the World unite and fight the urge to stay alive.. in public.. Die as Art, Be a Splash in society.. amaze those who didnt think you had the guts.. till they saw em in colour in the Newspapers.. 

But You always knew I was full of shit... but hey look how far it went..

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