Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Free Cyntoia Brown America..

There is a Young Lady called Cyntoia Brown, from Nashville Town.. (Beautiful name, Beautiful Girl) in Tennessee Prison for Women: at 15 She was arrested and charged with murder and eventually Convicted of Murder and She got Life without parole.. already done 8yrs.. when in fact the truth is, She was defending herself from a Cruel Man who had raped her all night.. This is when I hate aspects of America.. the Jury should be shot! where is the Mercy in America?... for a poor girl who has nothing but her Beauty, which even She says is "as much a curse as ugliness... it attracts too many people, and often the Wrong people... in her case.. She did a year in Solitary confinement at 16yrs old.. 

Her background is a living tragedy, a history of being molested most her early life.. used by another man who sold her for Sex to pay for his "Truck".. this is the greatest injustice since Joan of Arc was Burned... and it's in America, I thought they were Good Christian People, with Mercy in their Heart's... if She had been a blond haired blue eyed White girl, She would have walked.. no doubt racism from the Jury plays a major part, and TN: is Klu Klux Klan country..

To see her Chained up both hands and feet, by a 6'ft Man twice her size, and the handcuffs are 'hinged; without a chain which would give more freedom, and they are uncomfortable..and her feet are chained as well, a BBC Documentary last night really gripped me, all about Her life and filmed in prison over a 6 years.. She has so much Soul and turn of phrase, in a Tennessee Drawl that mesmerises.. I wrote to the Production Company, to ask how I could trace her to write to her, and within 5 Hours they actually wrote back and I want to share it with You, because in the Letter they sent back to me they mentioned "She Loves to receive and reply to mail

I would like to send her a Galaxy 10.1 Tab, like the one I just bought, but need to find out if She is allowed to receive and use such a device?.. and; can She charge it? do they have an electric socket in the cell, I doubt it, as its a risk of suicide, and that would cheat the prison out of it's penalty.., but some compassionate warden might charge it?.. I am certain it would be a perfect gift for a lonely soul in a prison Cell... I want to at least send her an Mp3 Player.. or memory chips filled with her favorite Music... and talking books... games to play... I would fill it with films and music, and games all preloaded, in case She cant get WiFi, which is almost another certainty.. its prison not a Youth hostel..

if You have a heart send her a Hundred Dollars, so She can buy a few things.. I hope She wont mind me posting her address; if She objects I will remove it.. I dont think it is a betrayal, but an invitation to help a poor hopeless Girl.. who has been robbed of her Youth.. and probably her life for many years..

other Videos about her appear as links at the end of this one:
Listen to Her, and send her some Happiness..

I will post a list "eventually" when I find out just what You can send but I am Sure Money is pretty useful, I'm Sure she get's mail, but a few more wont hurt.. Somebody could Volunteer to buy a subscription to National Geographic..? it never dissapoint's, and would stimulate her brain..

Get Creative?.. how much fun can you fit into an envelope, or a parcel.. this is good for the Soul kind of letter's.. that do both render the sender and receiver  an equal happiness... Do it, coz nothing is going to stop me.. this is a mission of mercy, which She never Got ! ...

For a Detailed Biography on Cyntoia, please read this impartial assessment of Her life and times, go "HERE"

Cyntoia Brown #410593
Tennessee Prison for Women
Unit 1 West, D-49
3881 Stewarts Lane
Nashville, TN 37218-3302
"Free Cyntoia Brown"

I am sure Cyntoia's best friend would appreciate a Letter too:
money orders from western union or the post office: are best to send:

Elyse Tiller #383989
Tennessee Prison for Women
Unit 21 South C-11
3881 Stewarts Lane
Nashville, TN 37218-3302



dave james said...

is she still using the same address?

Cutflowers said...

Yes For some time to come...

Toni Vere said...

i just saw this documentary on YouTube and am very touched by her story. I plan to follow her progress. I encourage her to stay brave and I agree that she is a precious jewel and she has something profound to share with the world. One day at a time Cyntoia.

Karli Doucette said...

address has changed. please update.