Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Zen Polaroids (My Sayings)

its not until much later that you realized  
how much you appreciated the present...   

Giving a little bit of the best of you...  
makes others give a bit of the best of them too..   

What is the cure for the fear of living,   

Beauty is the Heart of all Love  
But, Love is not the Heart of Beauty..  

Michelangelo said "Beauty is the Manifestation  
of a Noble Spirit" which just goes to show you he was   
Shallow, and a third rate Artist too, with petty aspirations.  
Beauty is a meaningless dumb show, that fools fools:)  
like us...  

Beauty is, a Face at peace with itself.....   

Marriage is a Dog Breeders Licence.......  

All the foreplay in Paradise cant mend a  
Broken Heart... But, its worth a Damn good try..   

the Greatest Mistake Shoppers Make..  
is to judge quality on price....  
and value on size....? .  

Life is frail Plastic lasts longer.  

A pretty face is more dangerous than  
broken Glass in the dark.. 

the greatest fear,  
is the anticipation of it   

Better a good Death than a Bad fate ( Italian Proverb )  
"the farther from home you travel,  
the closer to home you become"  
Invent yourself... but dont forget Who you were...  
to see how far you've come and gone..  

Dont say "I love You...... Prove it ! 
He cannot sleep who lies, awake....   

are you who you think you know you are?  

nothing matters that is not anything....  
does anything matter that is not somthing

a few seconds of life remembered...  
pictures of people long lost..... Kodak:   

It's not the depth of Death that worries...  
but the dieing that death entails.......   

no peace without rest is a sleep,  
no sleep without, peace is a rest,  
no rest without sleep, is a Peace: 

Time is like Whisky... you dont realise how much  
you've drunk.... how little is left... and how much   
you want it, But at lest it's there for now.. @L91  

nothing is more entertaining than the   
suffering of others.. or instructive,   
just watch the news, as you eat your food...?   
it sounds mean but it's perfectly true:   

Total war is the Prerequisite of Civilisation 

Drugs are the things you shouldent enjoy but do,  
It's just the Pleasure your addicted to... 

nothing but contentment, is quiet self disgust  

"Blind man seeks Lover" who you are is what I   
want to see... how you look is immaterial to me.....  

if only you'd known, what you Know now, then.....  
you'd have stayed younger longer, and got here  
much later.... 

the most Romantic and dream like Love is, Un-requited..  
otherwise it's just another 7 year itch, getting scratched  
untill it bleeds,...... leaving a scar that you'd rather not   
reveal in polite company....    

Love is the "Perfect" Lie, and the truth is un-believeable,  
in such a highly altered state....?   

It's better to do some thing, than nothing at all,  
nothing is more Laborious than lesiure ill used..    

Go for a walk, and halfway home you will start to enjoy it,
that part has purpose, for it's the way back then,
the hardest part is closing the door behind you..

I have been where She has been,
I have seen and been un-seen
and Longed to belong, where I dont come from.

you should only say I Love you 3 times in one Life...
1st when you declare it...
2nd when you seal it....
3rd when you say goodbye Forever.......

When a woman gives herself to you, it is the most fulfilling thing there is, a gift a Prize a Real Treasure, as spirits soar in the bodies pleasure

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