Friday, 2 September 2011

The Right to Live & Die

In most Country's it is illegal to help another Die.. like that Dr Kavorkian in America used to help the terminal expire.. there are People in this Country who want nothing more than to leave this World... MS Sufferers want it the most, My point is..

THEY KILL BABIES DON'T THEY?... an Abortion is LEGAL Murder.. YET an old worthless burnt out waste of life is not allowed to be Helped... huh? yet a tiny defenceless embryo can be eviscerated without a second thought...

it seems the Right to life is unimportant if your not already born.. yet the right to Die is illegal however desperate Your torment seeks it as a last resort..

Life is Not sacred.. Neither is Death.. and there is NO Heaven.. so expect total peace of mind when you go... it is almost worth looking forward to...

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