Saturday, 3 September 2011

On Top

Back to Normal.. Nothing upsets me now for very long, that a focused mind cant deal with.. I was a bit blue for a few.. but now I am fully on top of my game & grooving like a Demon.. having seen so much sorrow and loss in the last 5 years.. it would take the Taliban to piss me off... with an RPG.. 

I feel a sublime sense of expectation, that even if it is an illusion, That'll do for me... just love a good illusion.. I feel like a million piece Jig-Saw puzzle that is complete and finally together... and I feel positively Messianic with the cerebral power of peace at my disposal... and have plenty to share and still have some left over.. and I am stone cold Sober to boot... how about that.. dont have any Grass either.. but that doesn't matter either.. self actualisation is a phrase that springs to mind... which feels like what it is..

Omnipotence is the state of mind that contains me in supreme coherance, like a really sensible Grown up.. like a bubbling of excitement is about to burst into hysterical happiness... Why?

Hey that's personal... I cant bleed everything all over the page, use Your imagination, it works for me.. the right thing happened, at the right time and good things come to those Who wait... long enough... I had some help to achieve it.. it's a spiritual awakening.. a beautiful sense of belonging.. and feel I have found my voice,

Have been listening to Free Oxford University education podcasts about creative writing and the history of Art... amongst others, and feel like a poetic Steven Hawking contemplating the Higgs Bosun particle.. only in words and semantics, not Mathematics.. I feel @ peace and limitlessly positive & optimistic.. Nothing can separate me from the love of God.. every thought fits perfectly with the next one like a dazzling Mosaic dancing in my mind...

I feel beautiful inside and out.. and nothing can take it away from me.. the whole Universe is mine, and everything is connected, heart mind body rock & soul...

Wish I could give it to You... hey.. I just did...

Whew... I want to sell it on eBay, but it has no package or mass, so you'll have to take my word for it.. that is the way You receive it.. by word of mouth via text to the Soul.. just to read it will make You whole..


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