Saturday, 3 September 2011

Back to here and beyond..

Well, Had a walk and went for a drive too.. lungs are almost as good as new... that was unprecedented, the choking thing was never as bad as that before... Mind You it is not a good idea to use V as a sleep aid... but I was wired awake.. and thought it might help, WRONG!!..

neither Wireless mouse or K/Bd's still dont work.. I am baffled?.. so I dug out an old Mouse which is fine... but using the laptop K/Bd is so fiddly, and so far away, from my main screen.. its a hassle but doable, my head feels like a road kill after a truck ran over it.. so gonna take it easy, and watch last nights TV on the PVR..

feel like I was beaten up, splitting Headache, and bad taste in my mouth.. my breath smells like the devils toilet.. thank God I am alone... I had a couple of ideas for Blogs, but it will have to wait or be forgotten... I bought a Ciabatta bread so will have a cheese salad sandwich with Tomato soup.. later... but for now, just gonna try chilling.. and recover from my stupid Breakfast... But My inner peace is still ALIVE in spite of the pain..

and optimistic outlook still looks viable... Though I recently turned 58 yrs old, and I fuckin feel it... coincidently My Dad Died at 58 by Drowning at Sea as Captain of a Super Tanker, which broke in half in a Storm.. I often Wonder how he handled Drowning... I just Wonder will I beat his record?... I dont really mind.. but it's funny how History repeats itself... I just dont want to DROWN IN VOMIT, that is very Scary.. so for those few who Give a God-dam I will try to take care of myself.... just so I can Blog my Stuff a bit longer for You...

Ouch.. Gonna sit back relax watch my Massive TV, and smoke a Cigarette...  thank goodness You cant see me !!...

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