Saturday, 20 August 2011

Impossible Hope

Hope is a kind of self inflicted natural delusion.. its a crazy Mathematical improbability, because the feintest part of hope that hope is possible; is itself a reason to hope... against all hope at all...

If somebody gives you hope.. they give a great gift indeed.. however briefly the transient conjunction of a far distant stellar body comes to foretell of impending doom, at the edge of life; if hope exists it can liberate the damned..

Who are the Damned?.. "People without hope" that's who.. probably like me n You.. Hope is the magical synergy that brings the dead back to life.. even for a heartbeat.. or one last breath.. the moment of bliss in a loving kiss..

You cant take hope apart or to pieces, it only has one part, deep in the heart.. it exists as a warm climate within the ineffable planes of the soul itself.. it is an Air conditioning that soothes from inside.. or the last place you hide from the cruel World of character Genocide.. 

it is Reprieve, and a reason to believe, in something greater than oneself.. who's nurture and balm is a respite from harm... and a paradise of deep calm.. can a Doctor heal you when no medicine will work? no.. but the expectation of a cure alone will reach into your marrowbone... by Skype or phone for just a moment of Hope You are no longer alone...


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