Friday, 4 July 2008


I Love Onions... a self packaged food that lasts for "Months" (unlike promises or Human emotion) not many people make a point of praising Root vegetables, but wanted to share this piece of harmless information, the smell of fried Onions is an invitation to be hungry, I just chopped one up (sorry little pal) to put into the Pasta, Spring onions too, I put 2 of them in as well.. however.. Peer Gynt Makes a mention of onions,

if you ever have a barbecue, the best way to put your guests into the mood, is fry a pound or two, they are so versatile, cold, boiled, baked, fried, whole or sliced, there is a select super-group of veg, that can go into a sandwich, and onion is in the top 3 (think about it, no dont, it's pretty obvious)
anyway since I had some happieness to share I felt this subject was an ideal vehicle to hug the mind of a stranger, as the vast majority of Humanity will probably share a similitude of personal expieriance, therefore we have shared a moment together, in an idle thought of nothing more harmless than an onion...
of course there is Garlic, which I could wax lyrically for quite a while, but since your probably hungry by now I dont want to delay the satisfaction of your desire to feed you hunger, and in so doin I kiss your virtual cheek, and say bon appetite,
let's hope it's not too long till your Sandwich and hunger meet... and as you find joy and satisfaction, that yearning and emptyness greet in each other, like a true lover cancelling out each others emptyness... in a kiss that's endless..
next time you see an Onion remember this...

I am fascinated with the concept of "pure Love" few ever find it; nobody can keep it, yet, it is theoretically attainable, a condemned man can understand it in the look of kindness an innmate or a warder gives, an animal at the slaughter can recieve it, why wait untill the moment your perceptions finally kick in, when life itself reveals its true nature... in the fear of losing it, what is precious to you.. interaction itself with another sentient entity, the conduit through which you can disseminate your pain and frustrations in somthing simple yet universal, to encode the secrets of mathematics in an emotion transferred to all others, (i.e. digtal communication, via the simplest math of binary numbers in infinate permutations, here in these words conveying yearning in a collection of words that a sensitive person will resonate with, yeah a bit abstract, but hey....

how alive do you want to feel today? indifference to the trancendent beauty of the cosmos and the greatest expression of energy and matter when both combine in a living creature... is the act of mind, we are barely concious,

such is my love for the humble Onion, yet how great and complex is the blinding simplicity of love for another human so difficult... The SUN is enormous and has no brain or a single feeling.... but an ONION has a heart and it gives it to you in every bite... that's selfless, are you?
and when in doubt try love not fear... it'll get further than a gallon of gas or a billion dollars... :)
so.. Love Always to those who give a god damn.. and lay down their lives to give you a salad in your backyard..give yourself to the self consuming sacrificial feast of life... and join the Onions in the stew, some of my best friends are Organic matter.. care to join us?

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