Thursday, 29 June 2017

the Cauldron of Revenge...

The slow boiling bucket of Offal is starting to steam, the pressure cooker of diverse intentions at variants... is seeking release... too many rats with fatal objectives are clogging the pipes of civilisation, like the sewers in Uganda, which at one time were so filled with body parts they blocked the entire infrastructure...

and flooded the main golf course with blood coloured over-spill, when they dug into the pipes they found rotting 'body parts' leaking and blocking the sewers... all those bad black Men, all those peaceful Gorillas who were also butchered... which loss is worse... which plundering of morality is more abhorrent ..  .

White Men are Niggers too... but who would you choose to trust..

Behind the Veil of seeming normality, people are at work plotting the downfall and destruction of life as we Knew it... Sleep on idle dreamers you will awake to Mayhem in a maelstrom of moral contradictions... there is a tipping point.

and we are starting to tip over, pole shift alone is happening... the infinite combined decaying morality causes the mortality of all humanity.. and complete loss of normality via insanity.. the World is an Asylum where the deeply sad troubled and mad are steering the ship of souls onto a reef that will tear us apart, one by one.  

one cell at a time to prolong the torment of fear pain and distress of the damned. which is the very definition of Hell itself, those who want luxury will have a bare board Bed, like Auschwitz and the queue to the gas chamber... you know it will come...



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