Wednesday, 14 June 2017

one Hello

More than one Hello is a relationship... though only one goodbye is forever... as unrequited love is outside the dimensions of loss, it is beyond gone, as it was never won... but the dream goes on... what was never had cannot be Bad...

I am not fit to lick your boots.... but you spoke to me... I would kiss the ground you ass has sat upon... your tiny tweets, fucked my mind up in the nicest way possible... you made that moment a feeling of existence that embraced me, exhilarating and life affirming.

I like you a bit more than a little, but not enough for total obsession... which keeps me in my melancholic depression...

your a cool cow... the milk of your udders must be 'Ambrosia' of the God's... I would suck you dry, wanna give me a try?... I would fuck you like a Truck driver with 2 spare wheels and a pneumatic Jack... and you would beg for an audience... lol.. I'm just fuckin wid ya head...

I would settle for a Skype.. being there is better than, non-existence altogether... old fashioned non-interdimensional hanging out on the porch, spitting the wind into the dawn 

tankx Anni for responding to my tiny WIT x

PS: please stop falling in Love with me... It May be difficult, but please try..

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