Thursday, 11 May 2017

Homage to the Dead..

I love graveyards.. the Dead always make you welcome.. unlike the living...  they never turn you away.. it's almost funny when you hear people think, they are somehow superiour to them, because they are Alive.. yet they know not that they "are the living Dead".. so soon you will be with them dont kid yourself..

Beauty like life, like a flower, blooms peaks and decays.. and you look down on roadkill and pork sausages, 10 oz Streaks... as you eat the Dead so you become the dead.. if you haven't worked on your real self and soul, you may never survive the literal Quantum leap from heavy slow matter with a mind, to a sprite of inexorable limitless potential possibility's.. only a very a small percentage of mankind, actually get there.. You better bet that the Buddha did!..

if Your Soul is not adult enough to have great courage and overcome great discomfort and fear... like slow eating terminal Cancer that gnaws your mind with intolerable pain, there is a point in every place when everything looks terminal.. and so it is... have courage.. bring it to the plate.

Today like many Days but not every day and only in clusters around fine weather... I went to My favourite Graveyard.. can't tell you where it won't matter to you unless you want to hire me as a spy or assassinate me... The hidden/beauty of it is highly sought but must be kept to the very few that know of its existence.. or it will be mutilated by common popularity... as I would never betray my true friends.

except for Mozart and Johann Sebastian Bach... they must be heard by the betrail of infamy by the very Transcendental beauty of such healing Art... that manifests itself by virtue of its logarithmic mathematical divinity great fire cannot be hidden, Sacred Geometrics are manifest in the sound, such flames ignite the very hollow souls of the common Man, like me... the sound of Fibonacci numbers, especially... in Preludes, expanding through space, as a frail transmission from a long dead Orchestra..

But; if you Knew "Betty Shelly" yes there must be many... so I can still keep it secret... We, my Baby Boo eternal Puppy and old soul in a Virgin Bitch, the life companion Samsung could never better... walked amongst the forlorn falling headstones... with their Patina of moss and strangling roots abounding around them... and Yew trees a thousand years old..

so She walks around skips along sniffs and snorts, rolls in the grass (only a Happy Dog Does that) that Old Lady's Skinny Daughters Dog never did... 

coz that Cow is a feeling-less Vein failure of a human being.. so obsessed with herself she has no time to love anybody, just manipulate Her suffering Mother.. she cannot show gentle kindness because she has none. that's why the Dog does not Rock n Roll... She makes it follow her like a slave with no obvious affection whatsoever.
To touch a grave and know it's occupant, is as primal a human reflex as all history must declare... I love the Dead... they don't give me a hard time. They always make me feel like an Equal... and that you could do so much better with a little time to spare...

Life on a sunny day is substantially more enjoyable/memorable than a sky looming with an ominous darkness..  that fills the mind with fear and dread.

"you will never be unhappy, 
or alone; if you love the dead...

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