Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Electrostatic Explosions

its 5:20 am and a dramatic Thunderstorm is starting... that sounds like a shipbuilder's yard in the skies... dropping vast Iron girders and delayed flashes above... exciting and frightening simultaneously. I was hoping it was the end of the world... but no such luck.. just biblical deluge and floods, usual stuff..

When you look at the vastness of the Sea, and hear the bells of hell in the thunder... and witness waves 100 ft high, as I did in the Bay of Biscay on a school trip.. you realise how much nature is so much bigger than you are...

Yet the tiny Bugs humans are in perspective, are actually affecting nature.. just take a look a Fukushima, not a person on the planet has been told of it's actual eventuality's...

Humanity is the Pandemic that the Earth is dying from.. to kill the infection is suicide.. but hey were gonna do it anyway.. one way or another.. we is roadkill, run over by our own technology out of control... ironic innit... see you in slaughterhouse 719:

Remember it's good to be Dead!... where there is nothing left to worry about... to fear or pain to feel, just a black Buddist screen with a dot of light... that is the last firing of your visual cortex... the last neurone dying... to join the rest of you in total "unrecovery"... what a wild ride you are in for..

and you dont have a clue its coming.

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