Thursday, 20 April 2017

Hello California..

Hey Mind Builders manipulators and software deep programming interpersonal super sexy Honey generator 'persons' of the super duper State... Cal-i-for-N I, A... Have I got a Billion Dollar syndication for You... beyond harry Potter... and even Bigger than Islam! and its Bigger than Death... it will make Bankers Tremble in their Thousand Dollar Loafers...

a Psychological Project but by no means subversive... or in any way Immoral. that actually Promotes Virtue... and Good living, and it "pertains" to just about almost every person on the Planet whether they even know it?..

It's based on a 'Sprit dictated Song From LEONARD COHEN'.. personally received by me in a Dream.. that will set the People of the Earth finally Free.. to enjoy Life and BE..

It starts as a FOX SEARCHLIGHT i.e. lite cost low budget Flick for teens... that has the gateway to the concept of the principle of the Collective free will of the Good God Fearing Peoples of our society to recognise one incredible thing, so easy and so simple it has passed collective consciousness... the thrill to see a Bully toppled.. 

what is a Human = an atomic Dancer in a Bag of Blood... a trafficked virgin turned into a Hired Vagina.. RED Light stop it now..

the Song:

I was Bullied... all my life, But now I know,
the hardest the punch was my Brothers Blow,

it wasn't a touch at all, but a Malice so real

there was no blood or bruises to see.. or to heal.
but my Brother from another.. father... was bigger
put me down and beat me like a Nigger..

he hated me.. and was beating on me... again...
is that why I am the person who lives in my brain..

I tried to stay sane but the beatings

drove me to drink,
then after time to reflect and to think,
How a stranger from the same womb, put me in a tomb that left little room for a saviour, with such unholy unkind behaviour...

I was Bullied... all my life, But now I know,
the hardest the punch was my Brothers Blow...

Pi: ♥ Æ´ The full Idea comes over time... one aspect at a time:
it is not just Multi-media but transcendental multi-dimensional, and has the known growth rate of algae, to influence anyone who has ever been bullied!.. then it becomes alive and real in the now world... by popularity itself.. Yu might call it an epidemic.. but it is more like a religion, for those with the bravery to just consider it... and once rectified in the reason it becomes undeniable... and unassailable...

To start your end, open a country wide helpline called Bullied 1-800, to offer people counselling and hands-on help? (in certain situations) in actual fact.. and see the many levels of what it is to be Bullied, and those victims who have nobody to speak to.. I hate bullies and we the rest of society, can lend a Boot or a Bullet, to rectify the wrongs and injustice done to the innocent...

it becomes a free collective... and dare I say it a vigilante free fro all.. with no connection to the original caller, all homicides get justified, Can I have an AMEN.. What a Movie, it's one I'd like to live in...

get the drift?... this is the Justice of the People... 
come to life the world over. give me the processing power to manipulate minds unconsciously but for their ultimate benifit.. this is supreme bullshit that actually has a chance.. in Hell; which by now you realise...

We all live... in, but eat out.. it's cunnilingus with a chain-saw..

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