Thursday, 16 March 2017

there Was a Girl..

there Was a Girl Who used to Love me.. I cant remember her name.. I never met Her.. best Love I never ever had.. Perfect.. just fun and laughs... then it got too serious...

we became self conscious.. and the bubble was Bust.. then we fell to Earth... with a Crunch and a Bump and a Bonk!?.. well virtually.. Fun is better than coming... it lasts longer, and always delights in the refracted old memories relived in moments of Melancholic reverie.. that almost kill you as you remember it.. enough to spill your drink..

too painful to even think it; to retrieve even the bookmark thumbnail, at its memory location, to Bury it in a grave of forgetting... where inner Blood letting and sacrificial tears evaporate like a corpse in a Furnace turns to Ashes.. 

between birth and the Fire.. aspire to be Guilty, and admit your sins.. the Ego is Burnt, only a good intention lives further.. Nobility of the soul is the natural ambition of a humble and eternal Spirit.. where Kindness is the Water it washes in..

Yes: There was a Girl who used to Love me.. it was My Mum..

there is a kind of Masochism in Heartbreak that is Bitter sweet, fun to chew but not eat.. and bordering on a kind of Melancholic Masturbation... sadness is a losers secret gladness.. and excuse to raid the Fridge.. Yet Madness controlled is the highest achievement of consciousnesses.. leads to endless hours on XBOX LIVE and tons of old fashioned Fun Ha ha..'~'

Add me and talk live... my Tag name is in a recent Blog.. like 500 ago.. if you care enough to bother go Look.. dont expect to be spoon fed.. some things you need to work out... from scratch..

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