Wednesday, 22 February 2017


SUCK YOUR BUDS... get high off it more than twice.. Hold gently upon the tongue, like like a Virgins Clitoris.. YEAH; for approx 2 mins MAX.. dont get it too wet.. then put it out on a plate or receptacle to Dry out again... and You will find Mary-jane goes farther than you thought, and you still get a hit when you smoke it..

This message was brought to You by.

A Website that is not yet in Existance.. but check back in a 1000 hours and I will bet My Morning Piss.. it will be Gone.. snapped up by some opportunist logo rapist who thinks it is the coolest name ever invented...

Just remember where you got it from... right now I feel like JIMI HENDRIX just before He touches the side of the Mountain.. Which Song?... Voodoo Chile...

RIP. and be borne again.. just like Jesus..

I'm trying to enjoy myself before I die.. by getting High.. Do you blame me?.. is it a crime to be a User.. Abuser.. we all are; to someone along the crazy paving path of a full life... everybody is bad, try and see a little good in someone.. Duh..

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