Friday, 17 February 2017

End Game

Time is up; the race is run.. The human Race has no winners.. we are all a crowd of unforgivable sinners.. the invisible Spectre at our door has us by the throat.. unless we Outlaw the fictional teachings of Islam, or the World as we know it will become a bombsite.. like all the other places these Untermench stray to.. rape and abominate... they want us to live on a Bombsite, where all light itself has gone out..

Islam is the Enemy of Reason Truth and humanity... there is no Truth in it... only Illiterate morons who know nothing.. of tenderness gentleness and Beauty...

it is a Disease, it is a Pandemic of misinformation.. perpetuated by heathens who have no good agenda.. or a single town planner amongst them, wherever they go, misery follows in their wake... they are a cultural Earthquake...

We the Sensitive reasonable and cultured must be aware of this omen of a vulture... You owe it to your Great Great Grandchildren... they may pay for your pointless compassion.

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