Monday, 6 February 2017

Count of Monte Moon beam

where are all these Hits coming from?.. I'd rather be left in obscurity.. with an occasional "read" by accident.. but too much attention freaks me in: a little bit...

it makes me feel like a pretty little Girl.. surrounded by big sweaty Men with immoral intentions.. who want to finger fuck me, with dirty nails and digits covered in oil vomit and dead spunk.. from a lifetime of self arousal...

Either some high flown dreamers are coming back for more.. or sub humans want to stalk me... its fun and dangerous at the same time... as I am the bait to catch many a big fish with much misdirection of detail or more general falsehood, I am not Lance Forrest.. I am the avatar that fills his identity.. no body will ever find the original me.. just a derivative of a small dissection of the first atomic cell change.. dont you realise you die many times.. yet are transferred through to the new You..

You are literally not the same person you were at each 7-8 year interval... also; your souls changes color with every new Lover.. No commitment is too sacred to rip into pieces..

if it feels to real to be true, it is becomes a 'past' You: only the present Joy is eternally Ephemeral.. by Faith alone do you exist.. to return to the secret happiness of Humility..

Nothingness is the default setting on a soul out of control.. get a life.. enter the corridors of spirits... only the guilty fear the truth..

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