Sunday, 1 January 2017

Life on Pause..

While still feeling grief; no less.. for Dear kind Carrie.. Her Poor Mother Debbie, dies a day later.. of a Broken Heart.. Her last words to her son Todd, were.. "I want to be with Carrie"...

and though I didnt know either of them; nor they I.. yet it feels so immediate and personal... I have been watching every YouTube video I can find to get to know Carrie better.. to appreciate what I am missing... so far She is Charmingly Disarming via Spontaneous phrases of infinite profundity..

If Her Mom did Die to be with Her only Daughter, I hope to God She found Her.. Shouldn't be so difficult.. even in the vast esoteric emptiness of Despair, where only death itself will give you hope.. like those broken souls who take their lives.. who themselves believe in nothing; Nihilists indeed.. where no gentle touch can they feel.. or sympathy, nor any peace in their hearts..

the last week of 2016 has very auspicious passing's of note.. and others of ill repute.. Somebody better be waiting for you on the other side who really loves you.. or you will fall into eternal unconsciousness without memory of any life at all..

an erased cassette tape.. an obsolete molecule in a mouthful of food as the Devil eats your brains.. May Debbie and Carrie be together forever.. until we all meet in the Green Room; of expectancy and mystery.. realised as we re-unite.. Death is a once in a lifetime event.. for sure when you start rotting.. 

there is no coming back as you were..  spirits dont need Backbones... or flesh anymore, the body was a Placenta.. finally you get to be free.. into a perpetual vortex of subtle energy.. that lives independently of Matter.. without Mass.. the soul, made of light..

Like a Photon.. the sacrificial particle of greatest abundance.. how long does a photon Live?  until it hits something!.. then it dies to show you the quantum of lights properties.. in "reflection"... it is the Mother of Sight.. without it, we would all be blind.. for want of light...

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