Sunday, 18 December 2016

When is it Time to Die.

it is always time to die. or to kill.. time waits for no zygote. time catches up with you. attack Defend, murder revenge. mass murder is justified to a poisoned mind: They have the will and we have nothing but denial.. this is not happening.. oh yes it is..

Life is totally esoteric, you were only given this life, so you can have.. 

''the Luxury of a mortality''.. it's a trick of God's humour.. if you think it all comes to a finite end, you will defiantly do better next time.. when you are shocked back into existence..

which you will return to.. in idle endless eternity... it might be trillion years, but it will feel like "the next day": whether you like it or not!..

we will become everyone; one by one... and we will all be somebody in the end.. every soul gets a chance to be truly happy.. one day..


Money 'can buy you happiness' but it cannot acquire; what is free to all... by eternal suffering; an ever reawakening consciousness.. You are doomed to die until you can only live forever.. so ironic it's a fate you can not avoid:

Consciousness is the prime directive of evolution.. it is as near to a Quantum Matrix, that needs only thoughts alone to exist at all.. using no energy whatsoever.. one future someday.. you will be just a ball of light.. an eternal child with a rude freewill.. dancing across the sky..

only those that strive to live, survive beyond the moment of disappointment: not every life ends in Heaven... not all bread is Leaven.. the many are doomed to be damned.. only a pure Heart 'can contain the Joy of Life'.. all others are corrupt and falsely veneered, fake dignity, and rebuilt faces.. with an assumed heritage, Beauty alone is not virtue..

the moment you think you are Good; becomes the cusp of evil.. where you slip and slide with bloated pride.. your achievements are null and void.. every dictator starts in raptures of delusion.. self aggrandisement and illusion.. The king is a common Man, with revenge in one hand and Mercy in the other.. The Brother like no other.... who has the magnanimity of heart.. to forget forgive and help you in your lowest hour.. seconds from the Hangman's noose..

Bad Edit: yes but had to add that semantic dovetailing.. on a later re-reading..

Russel Brand is probably not the Saviour of Mankind, he give it a good try.. no it's another Guy.. a Guy from the sky.. Rupert Murdoch has total control of the world, he is bidding for the future of civilisation as we speak... where every new born will be given a 4k TV and a Box to keep shows in, for a lifetime of couch slobbing entertainment, the Entire world will be his TV Show.. and every shit on Earth will get ate least 15 frames if not seconds... to look into the mind of God itself...

which is watching other people doing the things you want to do but cant.. Coz They got a life, and your just the Audience... of Losers..

Hallelujah.. throw your remote control away.. your in your own show.. called "Fat Poor People" shopping in Walmart.. with a whole book of coupons.. and $25 to spend on saturated sugary shit to keep you fat lazy and retarded... and hooked like a Salmon in a bears Jaws.. on misinformation... which is a killing of the individual.. who amount to nothing:

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