Monday, 5 December 2016

Sunday un-Bloody

Sunday is my kinda Day.. slow and lazy.. a day where the week takes a sigh, before breathing in the future.. Just how much future; were you Expecting?..

just enough to have one last Starbucks... a good cup of coffee; lasts longer than any passionate union.. when the Forest fire of desire turns to the ashes of Sadness, then Just have one good Sunday to find your peace with god.. and "Let that shit Go"..

nothing else matters... why?
''Because your worth it''...

Find Joy in the moment of your next breath, or be forever sad with every sigh... look FWD to something good that has not happened yet, and be certain it will be...

That is the essence of Faith.. and the ionosphere of a Compassionate humanity.. where at ground level it is filled with the fragrance of Heaven..

Like Jean Paul Gaultier's Underpants...

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