Tuesday, 27 December 2016

No free mail by 2020:

Now Big Brother has become so common and invisible amongst us.. and we accept a smiley face and even your kids are already hooked in..

Enjoy Free email while it hobble's on.. by 2020 you will need to pay for it.. do you realise the numbers in cash we are talking about? a Trillion a year at $1 a month.. to a dozen billion accounts if not real people.. the number actually exceeds 135 billion accounts since "inception" of the mighty e-mail..

90% fakes frauds fuck ups and pure filth.. squirm to be alive online.. the slime of Humanity, the crime of ID theft is the greatest threat to civilised Humanity; that the whole world is about to be blackmailed for their true identity..

Ironic how the Patriot Act erases your right to have a secret on-line life.. beware the charge of what was once free... and the imprisonment thereon.. there will then be a fee.. just right for you, who is the owner of a 'Me'..

suddenly you can no longer get any identity online coz you cant prove who you are anymore.. you turn out to be a rumour, and though you can breath scream and see.. you aint nobody.. now/then...

it's greatest effect will be on the corrupt.. so dont worry if you have nothing to hide, your alright.. 

But when unassailable HE who is incorruptible, (the Judgement maker Chip court of sentient hive systems..) becomes corrupted, it seems all departmental higher systems then have vulnerability's they didn't teach you in Spy School.. when the 'kick' of the cue-ball prevents a perfect touch.. and what was fair and just; becomes the tool of the unjust..

what started out as a righteous intent, gets bent.. who then is safe to be included, or outed as the enemy.. by the informers who are happy like a stack of Dominos ready to fall in their millions.. the fall guys of humanity used as pawns and slaves without even knowing... their asses were glowing... with a Plutonium fuse like a noose,

the end game is so easily cheated from you.. by pretty information disguised to make you feel safe.. normality is the great seductive illusion of the masses looking into the mirror.. and while smiling saying.. "I still got next year in me, if not tomorrow"... I live forever..

it gets messy... = too many bodies to bury.. there will be no "Clean up" as the people who were allocated those menial tasks are, Amongst the Dead..

As the New World Order requires, a designed inception with absolute control of "Hanky Panky" and rivers of flowing but 'unusable spunk' runs into the furnace..

The useless need to have a 5 year time limit.. to commit suicide.. or they will be fed to animals Alive.. which in itself will become the Worlds favorite reality show.. "The Cowards random snuff show" where people vote to end their pointless lives in many different ways.. 

nothing ever improvised was more entertaining than the terrible suffering of others... while enjoying a back massage from a Masterful masseur.. 

in itself proving that life can end for no good reason at any time of day... and to be scared.. coz one day you will be the prize Pig slaughtered.. badly.. with a tankful of blood leaking out of you.. and many yards of intestine pulled from its opened guts, as the Pig squeals it's last breaths.. the Children Laugh.. 

as Mamma stirs the flowing blood into a bucket to make a gallon of stiff Black Pudding.. while half of it squirts at the ceiling from the poorly aimed Axe at the top of its skull.. and it's left eye is hanging out of the socket..

While the Newly weds in the Barn fuck like Dogs with sperm and menstrual Blood drowning baby mice just born beneath their pummeled crotches...

Big brother has been fingering you up till now.. soon you will be having intercourse with a bilge pump.. to empty your testicles of bad sprit's and embarrassing dumb ass offspring..

Paternity is for eternity... but bastards never get included, or Abortions.. please dont go there, yet; now; maybe never; I condoned Murder once and am as guilty as the state who allowed it..

Sentimentality has no place in a less than randomised and gently controlled, super preference; rather than mongeral fuck in an ally way.. 

Eugenics is not a Monster you Kill; it is a Monster you dont allow to be existant.. it is only Murder when you get impatient for results... 

He; or She; who Deny's the Holocaust; should taste the Holocaust, in the cold of mercilessness.. to be killed when you are hungry, cold and naked to the World..

Hate deserves the grate.. where ashes of the good would be born again if they could.. The dead never die as long as the living remembers them...

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