Sunday, 6 November 2016

Write Yourself into Existence..

Put it down, spill it out.. Scream twist and shriek.. are you intelligent enough to remember the question? Duh.. can Donald's right hand Man/boy.. lady/boy.. whatever.. he sure looks and sounds like one.. makes you want to throw up for trump in the election Booth and taint every previous voter.. annulling the entire process.. 

then Obama has to do another year.. coz the Cuntry couldn't make its Schizoid mind up.. 

is this today in America?... or some kind of 'Back to the Future' reality, as; did You know; in fact; the Screenwriter for that Great Movie, actually based "BIFF" on a much younger D. Trump".. entirely true..

Hate is the main (Cult) pastime in USA.. they dont just disagree with their opponents they learn to Hate their Guts.. literally.. there is no blatant indifference, it is to the very Zenith maximum of each extreme, 

but hey; that is America.. they make up bad fiction that never was true about the Enemy with an enema of pure dirt... America, 'where Rumour alone, is enough to convict'... and Execute.. 

posthumous release is not possible.. how can the past forgive this mutilated future, with much less and less Soul; and Humanity, than at any point in previous American History.. every voter has a price it seems and they are cheap and sold out.. to a low intelligent Trillion aire.. it is the very height of Bad Taste.. buy Hey.. 

That's America.. ! the Crazy Farm for all humankind..

the question is very simple, are there more "nasty" people; than nice people; in America.. if there are more Nice intelligent voters then, Hillary will prevail, but if the nice turns nasty, and all the "simple yet highly 'Aroused'.. nasty folk vote;  then a Truck Driver, will defecate in the Oval office..

This will be final proof.. that Americans are mostly bigoted fools, believing in a Prick; a good voice cuts through a crowd.. but a great sentence lives to perpetuate.. If Old Fashioned Men still make the effort to vote.. then America becomes the worlds largest stockpile of witless Buffoons, and snake oil sellers... than ever before...

yet if the New World really is the threshing floor of modern Humanity and civilisation, then Bill's Hill gets the high ground.. as the preferential personnage to embody the Future direction of Earth.. who else could you trust... a serial misogynist playboy with the gaudy taste of a low born drug dealer.. all that money dont buy you no Class..

Go Hillary.. its your turn to shine..

The future looks more unbelievable, the longer you are alive to see it unfold.. you will be Dead before all the bad stuff starts.. or you better 'Hope so'.. see you in the Starbucks.. I am there at every seat and wi-fi connection.. your hopeful hearts give life to the impossible wishes of the underdog who perishes in Wall-Mart Car parks.. every winter..

this Christmas just give Cash, coz you got no Heart left... to make anyone happy to be with You..

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