Monday, 21 November 2016

Let's Hump a Trump..

Actually I am rather getting to like Donny Trump, He is Fatherly like Jesus.. he has the authority of a firm Erection, in a crowd of half-hard's. and his Progeny.. are gob smackers, whether your straight or Gay, there is a Trump just right for you..

His Leadership will be more riveting than Downton Abbey in a box set.. it will be a thrill and a few cold chills no doubt.. I think he and Putin are gonna go Steady.. Flattery gets you by the Gonads.. Forget Fiction this is better than Harry Potter.. and best of all its on the news, no premium channel subscription needed..

if anybody ever wondered what the Anti-Christ would look like, get a Chunk of Trump.. this man could 'Buy you back from the dead'.. I cant wait for the unknown Future that is about to come... and on my tipsy tiptoe toes for the mighty Financial Armageddon, 'The last hand of Humankind.. 4 Aces wins.. 

where even Money has no value, but survival of the fittest and brightest.. like an airborne Burst of Atomic Fusion lights in the dark night; we are led into the wilderness.. by a 'Talking Teddy Bear Trump'.. with the morals of a Gigolo.. and the temper of a Lynch mob, safe with Children as he only Molestes Girls over 18..

lets face it; Mass Extinction events are a quite Cyclic, and Oh how history no longer repeats itself.. because this has never happened before, we have yet to relive it.. it cleanses the status Quo, the chalk tablet of life is writ again.. he who writes in light will fill the sky with it, where shadows are left on the floor.. a memento; a photo; made of your destruction on Concrete... 'You are the Exposure'.. we will be Polaroids no less...

The Nukes are safe with Donny, he likes life too much; to order a strike, its not good for long term investments.. and can ruin a good suit..

I like the Guy.. he talks tough, but he is a pussy cat, he recently said, "This is my Daughter Ivanka, if I wasn't her father.. I'd be dating Her.. Incest in the White House.. The government used to fuck the people, now it seems they will be fucking each other.. Duh.. it's a no Brainer.. but it does help to have functioning genitals..

Go Donny.. give the poor back some Money..

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