Friday, 11 November 2016

Cold Old Ash..

Not even an Ember.. 38 years ago "tonight" I met a girl called "Bad Mad Martha" she was anybody's, but she had been through everybody else and I was the only mis-fit left to conquer...

I was getting over another fat Cow who wasn't worth 10 minutes in the Toilet.. let alone break your heart over.. I was entering my (Blue) Ethel Alcohol period.. and had no taste left at all, I was just another opportunist fornicator... like everyone else.. 

Dont everybody Wanna get Laid!.. shout it out Hipsters, everybody did get laid, thats Why America is the M&M's Coffee coloured Centrum (German word, town centre district, the Hub so to speak) of Universal inter ethnicity.. at least 36% of all you meet are Native Americans in the Mix, they were so good Looking, they were bound to get spliced to the main brace.. and Diversify into our one, human race...

It was a week before we actually "did it".. we sat up all night just chewing over our respective Melancholy's.. She just been divorced, me just wanking over an old fat old lost love... who was not worth a squirt..

we hung together for 2 years.. it was a pathetic self inflicted torture we were both Masochists for.. and defiantly the opening sentence of a paragraph, at the start of a Chapters *footnote..

just a couple of fucked up Whores who bathed in each others blood.. as a hobby in satanism without lessons... We fought; and then we fucked, oh boy.. we did a lot of that.. She was forever opening my fly's.. and Squeezing my Balls... Pain and redemption, Crime and Punishment.. and an abortion in a Bucket.. which bound us together in Guilt.. for the passion we shared beneath a soiled quilt..

Every armistice day it comes back to me... ironic, the Day War ended; we began.. Our war started in peace and ended in mutual annihilation the itty bitty nitty gritty is so shitty.. its a sin.. and hardly worth the remembering...

Yet Without our hidden sorrows we are just Swiss cheese.. full of holes that you paid for... and months you dont ever dare, to remember..

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