Friday, 21 October 2016

Try not to be Interesting..

Try not to be too Interesting.. but if your beautiful; too.. hard luck; even if your dumb as Fuck.. You will still be "very interesting indeed" to most soft pricks, who would like to spontaneously share a peak erection moment with you... and they dont even know if you speak English, or your name... 

because "They dont care about you, they just want to get in you.." by the charm of the Devil fools are seduced into promises beyond their life expectancy.. and pay the price of easily won trust by serial Seducers.. with a highly dangerous weapon of Length Girth and Width..

women will fall on their backs with their legs open like fawning dogs, for a little tummy tickle, and he mounts with a Proboscis engorged with throbbing tenderness.. Hey I approve of pleasure, as long as nobody gets, Raped OK.. then the whole game is changed.. and for many who suffer it, are never the same.. part sharing the blame..

just talk shit and be anti-social.. people will soon learn to avoid you.. and tell Men your a Lesbian, or Christian, they will run like Deer's in your tail lights... hide your shadow.. and Fart a lot.. keep a used tampon in your bag to gross out any would be attacker..

disguise it.. both.. keep a low profile.. and learn to deceive in great detail... or You will get the abuse of possessive love.. the most Dangerous Motive for Murder ever deduced by RAW emotions.. in the mind of a part animal-Human..

Possessive love is autodidactique, it is an emotional Cancer that feeds off a passionate Blood supply... it feed's off the host it loves...

I want to live on a farm.. with real animals like me.. where eyes see souls instead of living matter.. where our Genitals are Excised, and Lobotomy's are performed by Chimpanzees.. on LSD..

That is unless your a Show off... there is a fine line between an Egotist and a true Artist.. Many are Nether; some are either.. but few are Both..

just had a random inspiration by visualisation, when thinking about the Soul's I love.. for the long haul.. Boo; and.. Danni?.. Man; I loved that Girl.. but it was never to be; and both of us have Mental issues.. and Her Father is somewhat abnormal, so she told me.. where the stream runs.. DNA comes... and follows into the River; I guess.. and this just popped into my head, like most other stuff I take the time to write down.. from the silent movies in my head..

'every part on the tread of a Tyre (UK) Tire (usa) touches the road.. every part of my heart touches you via the whole wheel' all at once.. there is no distance between us... we are bonded like slaves.. for Life by the pain of your Body You made Good from the Bad...

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