Monday, 3 October 2016

Sudden Crisis

With a burdened bruised Heart and heavy soul.. a total Life or Death situation has happened out of the Blue.. and I can Barely take a breath without the urge to brake down into pieces.. there will be no sleeping tonight.. and Torment beyond bearing is mine here alone tonight...

No Drug is available that will alleviate my distress tonight, I am lost in the Desert and facing the possibility of a personal Tragedy; of which there is no recovering from..

Life itself is in the balance, and without telling you what has happened please Pray on my Behalf tonight.. in good time with God's blessing I will tell you all the detail... but all I would ask of any kind soul is to spend a moment in silence.. for another; for kindness sake..

however you pray; I will pray you back... I need one good wish from another anonymous person with a second to spare.. who has a love that heals all injuries.. for the one I love to pull through from Major surgery.. in an emergency procedure.. that was life threatening and very serious indeed, she Has had the Surgery and apparently in the slow process of arousing as of 5:57pm..

They dont open until 8:00 am.. and I have no way of knowing if She made it through the night... Just one kind heart is required, is there anybody there? My eyes will not shut until the mornings Birds start singing..

Please Give + without knowing why.. 
(thats very important)

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