Sunday, 9 October 2016

Another Darn UFO...

They appear infrequently, but am thrilled when I see one.. as I always keep my eye on the sky's, especially when walking in the country; on a small hill, with a bench, the halfway point our usual walk.. as Boo's Stitches are only 5 Days old.. still crimson Red, and very hot to the touch, which must be an increased blood flow to replenish the tissue with healing nutrient rich, blood..

I was sitting on the bench like a tired old Git.. there is another hill about mile away, totally covered in Big old Tree's.. that fills the horizon like a sloping Crown; and there.. there it was... I thought it was just a pleasure ballon with people in it on first glance.. but it was absolutely static for minutes.. stationary.. then it slowly descended behind the trees.. at a constant slow speed... and I said to myself.. that is no Balloon... it has no basket either.. plus it was only the top half of a Sphere, missing the other half.. more like an upside down Cereal Bowl.. not quite a saucer..

elated and buzzing the rest of the day has been deeply meaningful.. that is the 5th or sixth I have ever seen.. Awe inspiring.. I thanked them for "de-cloaking" so I could see them.. as they have the capability of invisibility as you must know.. I felt very privileged, as always.. it's no secret; we are not alone, never were.. my closest ever encounter was about 25ft.. which was so overwhelming I was very scared indeed... but that is another Blog, which I will never write.. for personal reasons..

that event taught me something about Mind & Time.. the biggest regret I have this life; I miss them not being there, incredibly deeply, like I blew the chance to learn so much.. and that I didn't stay and watch; or communicate, or at least try.. I just drove home.. like a loser, yellow belly coward.. but.. 

on many months of reflection, I realised, anytime I wanted to commune with them, all I have to do is go back in my mind, to that time and place... and they would always be there.. and I fancy that I have an open invitation to see them again.. at the same place; at the same time; at 3:25 am; on any 1st of January in any future year..

casual addendum:
(an ironic co-incidence; that date; is the birthday of the Lady I mistook for a good spirit.. was born on.. and we met in the same large park, on the 9th of Dec, go back and read that.. though I cannot tie any significance to it?..)

Last year I had planned to do just that.. but chicken out... lets see if I got the backbone to go next year.. the event haunts me every single day... I walk the dog right near to where we "met" if you will.. its on our usual route in the same Park as today.. but is very creepy in the middle of the night...

wish me courage.. when the time comes..

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