Monday, 10 October 2016

7:21 am, UFO..

went bed like a normal person last night at 11 pm.. not Xbox playing Texas hold em, all night with international anonymous players which is fun.. after a refreshing deep sleep, I woke with a Kangaroo in my step.. full of optimism and enthusiasm after an hours cuddling with boo who insists on walking up the bed, and getting in with me.. it's pure heaven..

We are synchronised like sine waves.. each knows what the other is doing, or "going to do" and we do communicate, she is as sentient as any Blue whale.. at a fraction of the size, with added personality and charm..  she is a Mammal too.. like me!.. so I sprang out of Bed to give Boo a wee, I call it the wee Wee Walk.. coz only weeing takes place, to break fast; to break Wee.. first Pee of the day.. what a relief...

so we skipped out; to a crisp cool Beautiful morning.. did Her thing with great gusto and is healing and recovering to her old self.. the Joy of Her presence is constantly renewed with more Joy.. I want for nothing else in paradise.. got back made a coffee; felt grateful to be alive; as I looked out the Kitchen window.. giving thanks to God.. and Bless me..

'in the Sky' was a tiny spot of "Still" light, that grew and increased to a radient ball of light for a few seconds, then faded in reverse sequence back to a tiny spot, then gone? was it a meteor, or the reflection of the sun on the aluminium skin of a turning plane.. I could not work it out... as it appeared; it punctuated my state of present being.. which is Highly uplifted.. and full of quiet optimism.. what a thrill it always is... another sign from the creator who I reach toward for guidance.. and the knowledge of all mysteries..

Affirmation that my seeking is not in Vein.. coincidence or contact?.. it fills me with love and lifts me up.. dare I say it?.. 

it makes me feel special, as if My life mattered for a moment.. like there was a subtle synchronisation of minds from other dimensions through wormholes; so to speak.. of "consciousness".. a sentient mind has Access to the originator by it.. The Universe is alive.. each of us is but neurone in a fractal of neurones.. synchronicity is alive and well; if only; you attune your mind to expect it naturally.. like an animal..

and so; may You get it You.. in both meanings.. its so easy; only your intellect; gets, in it's way.. you have to be invited, and I invite you to be an equal... and "be there" here.. whenever.. universal time.. it's so far out but so worth the effort of trying to go there...

every photon must die to give you light.. it basically ceases after it has giving a nanosecond of life; in a stream of infinite lives endless sacrificial lives.. where does light go when its reflected... A: it does not go nowhere, nowhere can not exist, it is impossible.. it trans-mutates further, beyond your vision.. lives again Like Elvis... impersonators..

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