Monday, 12 September 2016

Who made God..?

we all been told; that God made us right?.. you just accepted it yep?.. but let me ask this rather silly Question, Who the Fuck made God?.. and who ever created the God of Gods... Who the fuck made them...

And While we are at it.. why does Matter; Matter?.. should we care it is there... here; is the ultimate philosophical Kicker.. Whoever made them.. made you.. well indirectly, why do you matter?.. why.. to live or to die..

to drink Coca-Cola.. or to educate a seeking soul?.. it's official I can now tell you.. it is all as suspected, a simulation, but the (here is where is gets Weird) Perceived actuality of the Simulation; is itself.. a simulation within a simulation, and that very simulation, is yet encased in another deeper further more complex simulation...

= WE ARE FRACTALS and Fibonacci exponentially.. revolving and re-evolving, into pure energy itself, in an enclosed (the spirit/soul) sphere matrix of unified self perpetuating endless energy, the most common shape in all levels of matter and quantum atom fields themselves.. the Beads of this thin unbelievably real.. reality.. the "Face of God is made of all variations of possible identity's.. and it looks alarmingly like you..

where; all disfigured and damaged souls are always welcome.. this is the gift; only a living god can give.. at least the semaphore of tolerant acceptance.. if no more than good manners; it is sufficient unto the gift of such a grace thereof.. (an Act kindness is beyond some people...

we are 'glittering' intertwined Stardust mixed with atomic Blood, in a room of mirrors, perpendicular to infinity, forever reflecting itself.. into an eternal oblivion, of Sleep, to turn Dreams into a Paradise of many realities.. within a "coffee break".. to hold and be; everything; everywhere "at the same time" at once; is to know the "Mind of God" because after 50 years of Consideration; I can say with confidence.. There cannot; not be a God!.. it's impossible for the impossible not to exist..

that; who is God; is called 'I'.. You are God; and you dont even know it.. who has got the gut's to apply for the Job.. who wants to admit to being the REAL LAST PROPHET OF GOD.. Who Me?... are you kidding.. 

Though.. I have more Art Soul Heart and Spirit.. than that Fraud.. they call Mad Mo.. the Emperor of all Motherfuckers.. The King of evil cunts.. and the Rapist of Mecca.. and the RAPIST of simple souls, naive and easily led..

to easily do your corrupt raving superiororist Fascist ideology of Drug fuelled rantings while mentally masturbating the fate of His Loyal followers.. He knew these Idiots would believe anything he said.... and so it, "perpetuates itself" in the rituals of Racism and Misogyny.. slavery and subjugation.. 

(sorry I got carried away.. it was the will of God! i.e. selective spontaneity.. that made me.. say it.. uh.. (am i deluded? fuck off' dont you know Dangerous Humour, when you hear it... lol.. I love to upset and offend those who wont be my friend.. I have the right to contradict cheap Myth's with superior reason and more infinite compassion.. anyhow, before the aforementioned rant..

What was I saying... oh yeah; um.. the context of the infinite sub-text.. the hidden hole in ordinary reality... the pulse of Gods mind.. in the sine-waves of comprehending the "artificial reality" of Consciousness.. 

oh; yeah, I remember now.. how interesting?... (I cant help it, I am autistic, it is quite natural to pontificate and procrastinate.. because God talks through me, it's Her whos is really clever.. I am just a puppet of Her.. Beauty and gentleness, I am a living CROP CIRCLE, with messages from afar, in High power English, for sensitive minds to connect equally as another, Hub a nexus; in another nebula of other fine minds.. time and space; also your location is of no importance; as we are all here; all the time.. for you to tune in and find us..)

this is just a part of the vast simulation of potentialit√©s.. Matter becomes "itself" and in turn makes You apart of the infinite mystery of self examination... we are looking up our own butts!.. we should be looking up the Butt's of Others..

Seek Thyself.. in the mirror of another's mind... but unlike Narcissus see the wonder in others.. not your own vanity's or selfish pursuit of pleasure.. that is the 'Event Horizon' in the singularity of God's true purpose, to perfect the spirit for it's long journey through all of eternity.. Om.. Ravi Shankar.. Om..

Om.. Shanti Shanti Shanti... it's Curious how a Mandelbrot looks just like The Buddha.. in silhouette see what I mean in this Video about halfway through..

Om.. Shanti Shanti Shanti.. is actually the "very last phrase" after 13 mins.. but worth waiting for; when you know what it means..

Will EDIT LATER just wanted to Post.. without requesting money or soliciting bad information.. just the Brotherhood of Man which is readily at hand..

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