Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Where is the mind of CHINA

Who is the Embodiment of old China Now?.. who runs the highest committee; Who owns the Soul and Souls of CHINA... who is it; that has the highest Authority, the people in general are not trustworthy to think for themselves.. as a people restrained from absolute liberation are to Dangerous to put trust in;

Suppressed peoples are obedient peoples... Saddam was a bitch from Hell but he kept his dogs on a leash... sometimes freedom is a mistake to grant to people too small to really matter... with no free mind of their own..

Power to the people always results in Anarchy.. keep your.. Thoughts inside, its the last place to hide.. I salute the brute that is the pathfinder for China... 

The most consolidated Human Mass the Earth will ever see; Where is the room where china is steered... they should to be running the world..... but who is the top cadre of all cadre's.. huh?..

what drives the collective will and hive mind of the elite in charge.. Confucius or illusionists... Mao was a paranoid Sociopath and butcher, like Stalin.. have they actually learnt anything in the last 100 years?

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