Sunday, 11 September 2016

The Easiest Lie..

The Biggest of all Lies is..
The one that's 'easiest to say, and; to, Believe'.. as we are all mostly naive to it's powerful long term implications... resulting in long term complications..

Yes.. Lies are sometimes hard to spot.. some are blatantly obvious, but the Lie we all want to believe.. is the one we all tell to others.. and in return are told the same which we lap up and absorb as the final truth.. it is.. as well you damn well know..

"I Love You" it's the password to the 'Panty vault' where hidden things are given freely.. which we all tell and believe; until it's time to leave... Divorce is total proof of this.. realising every kiss was wasted..

the only genuine way to transmit it's magnanimous profundity, is "never ever say it" dont you know; actions 'Speak' louder than words.. dont say it, "Prove it!".. give your heart liver and Kidneys; and your very life.. but dont utter the unspeakable and Holy, in a half criminal confidence trick.. just to get what you want.. those who cannot Love; will never be loved, if too much is not enough.. then a little will never do..

other easy lies include; "I've done it".. ''I will do it tomorrow''.. "Everything is organised".. "I'll be there''.. ''I promise''.. I will pay you back''.. Etc.. 

beware of playing with the truth.. as it will bite you deeply in the Butt... and the infection will never heal... and the court case will drag on for a month of revealed recriminations; and public told tales of Adultery, never have a happy ending.. when the silken wraps that covered Loves veneer finally reveal that Hate is all that is left..

beware the many Dangers of Feigned affection.. remember it is much easier, to buy a prostitute.. that at least; is "an Honest relationship".. Ironic isn't it?... and it's a profession older than Morality itself.. before we even used words to deceive each other.. which proves the only prime motive is sin itself... so when you run out of hope.. become a Misanthrope.. 


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