Tuesday, 20 September 2016

H Clinton (Breaking news)

Hillary C, is the only Zombie; ever to run for an Erection, uh; I mean an election.. also she would be the first BARREN president, dont kid me she is still Menstruating.. even the oldest Ever President (Reagan) could squirt some spastics or Mongols.. an old dick can be so easily persuaded to Deliver future Voters... but he didn't get his Cock out in the Oval office...

Mind You the idea of shagging Hillary is a Horror Movie.. it would be like fucking a Dead Turkey who had been gutted.. after Her Hysterectomy there is barely 3 inches of Vagina before you hit Her Colon..

Shes more than Weird; a Hollow Cow with a zombie way of walking, who cant even Bleed once a Month.. is Highly suspicious.. the Stories started to emerge from Detractors in Her Entourage.. 

"that she received Erectile tissue from Her husband Bills large (now redundant Penis; (potentially big, with a good blood flow;) is implanted into Her neck! to keep it upright!... but her Duracell's needed changing on 9/11, not to mention her Colostomy Bag, coz that is how and where she Shits and pisses, (separate bags btw:) 

The Illuminati.. will see the right/wrong thing happens... you can always rely on the CIA to do; it's Kennedy thing.. again.. she will be in a Body bag by the time inauguration is even plausible..

so instead of sleeping in a Coffin in the basement, as per usual, this zombie is gonna get permanently inactive and stationary.. like a corpse, less like a zombie.. coughing up lung tissue into a clear glass of water... I think most people would rather vote for a Homo!.. than a Bitch with teeth in her cunt...

She makes Assholes look attractive.. even to a jaded Heterosexual.. mind you even Chelsea looks like an alien Clone from Uranus.. (she wasn't born, She was Shit out.. and saved from the flush.. a heavy period that lived.. a blood clot with the face of Freddy Krueger's Daughter...

Vote Trump, and lets all have some Hot Chilli dick-piss, instead... fuck the Government, lets all fuck each other instead... My house Saturday 7pm.. come naked.. or you wont come at all..

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