Monday, 12 September 2016

Cafe society, 'Woody Allen'

Just came back from being lost in a masterpiece.. I cant praise this Film too much.. The Work of a Master Storyteller art the peak of his powers, every Scene is saturated in the era, the immersion into the fated Love affair.. the sweet Melancholic resolve.. this is an Epic of unrequited true love... every frame is a work of Art..

Very highly recommended; at least by me... on my IMDb I gave it 10; make a point of seeing it before you die... which might not be too long.. so hurry up:

at least get a taste with the trailer...

I Love and adore Woody Allen and many Good Jews with plenty of Go, like him... the most disgusting joke occurred to me.. which is of a highly controversial and frankly offensive subject matter.. so if you object to jokes that tear the thin membrane of polite Society, "dont read on" I only say this believing the Man himself would Bitter sweetly even; laugh at it.. Shalom Woody.. if I could afford a passport, I would stalk you..

here it is: ahem...

"If I had just one question to ask Woody Allen, just for frivolit├ęs sake.. This is it...

"Have you ever cheated on your daughter" ?..

Seriously i love Jews.. 
they are so much like Gentiles, would love to be..
for the Money he is owed, I would be a Jew in an instant..

Just so long as I can keep.. My Foreskin... 

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