Thursday, 18 August 2016

the speed of Life

No Knowledge is greater, than the certainty; that you are loved..

Every Hour feels like a second.. every week feels like a day, every month feels like a week... as you get older time accelerates into terminal velocity.. then you hit the limit and croak... there is no stillness or solidity anywhere.. life is a membrane that stretches until it breaks.. standing still I see life like a crazy time lapse rushing at the speed of life; all around me..

a Dust mite has every bit as much right to life as anyone... and even a Muslim.. too.. There is no truth but burnt remains... Who can believe in the ashes of torn texts.. and modifications.. 

To add one letter to the Law?... the only truth left is in the Photon that illuminates the second sight in; the Powerful and the just.. in mercy Liberty is found.. in conflict hope is ground to dust... where are the great Teachers.. Where are the Just... who is victim who is the slayer... who can kill having said your "Prayers"..

When Pakistan eventually sell either; their plutonium or the Warheads.. there will be 18 Wheel Semi's.. driving through; onward and upwards further North; until they take out every Major City in Europe... call me a Liar?... at least England is afloat with a natural Border.. that has served Her well in the last 1000 years...

But who can stop Hatred from Annihilating it's opponent in the self activating "Software of Islam" it is seeping everywhere like a plant that strangles every root of mankind it touches... it is the scourge of your Grandchildren yet to be.. in great Woe... those who refuse to Ameliorate and integrate must be marked as Foe...

The Real War; is in the Thinking... How do You disarm a "Sacred Invective" sewn via the implanting of intolerance within a child's mind; in the endless Madrassahs that Rape and Corrupt vulnerable hearts.. in more ways than one no doubt...

Hères a new Catch phrase for the Valley Girls.. The only Good Muslims.. Are APOSTATES... that should get you on a "local ISIS top 10 Hit's list" (if you like playing with Death!)

at least they get a credit card more easily.. than a homeless Nigger.. lol.. but they also get State Sponsored Paedophilia.. it's Paradise for Perverts and Rapists in General.. if I didn't have to pray five times a day, I might join em, but Hey I am impotent anyway.. is it a crime to think Yet? Only a God that condones your thought's.. must be a fucking psychopath...

Keep You Eyes on the sky.. Judgement Day approaches.. 
You Tic's.. 

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