Monday, 8 August 2016

Summer siesta

As you no doubt are getting; and already got it... I am on a summer Break... by the Sea.. wherever you live in UK, nobody is farther than 70 miles from the Sea.. (FACT).. 

and even though I am actually 30 odd miles from the Sea.. I say fuck the Sea, and seaside... Fuck summer.. I prefer Hell at absolute -Zero... - 459.67 degrees Fahrenheit, which is actually impossible to reach.. (FACT).. it would take all the refrigerators in Texas to even approach that low level... (Seriously) on 0.1 cubic millimeters of (any) matter.. because ATOMS STOP WORKING altogether at that Temp: so is that a secret we have yet to explore?...

It is impossible; for the impossible; NOT TO EXIST.. take a few hours to consider that... ahem... every potentiality is yet to come into existence; Point taken?... it just has not been measured, because It cannot be measured.. by any sentient entity.. in any way: therefore it already exists, but only in Theory...

personally... summer seduces you into thinking about getting cooler.. and after a month of sweating.. You give in..

and look like a vertical Pig posing as a Human to avoid slaughter.. with fat gut hanging out.. etc.. You look like a partly inflated whale dead on the beech waiting to Explode your fat fucking guts asunder when they cut you open...

Claudia Winkleman.. and I both think summer is sheer Hell... Only for Gigolo's rapists and every pervert who goes to the Beech to secretly film Kids playing... like weirdos do..  when you get above 55 Rape is just too exhausting.. you'd rather just think about it... in fact you cant even be bothered to do that.. you'd rather get some Food you chew on..

Because the greatest satisfying intimacy a Human can have; is not with a Genital or Genitals.. depending on your proximity to available opportunity.. or personal risk to losing your freedom for many years...

it is a Mouthful of tasty food... a sandwich is greater than any Sex act you could imagine... when your stuck in a queue awaiting total annihilation by ISIS in an unending line.... and as you get closer to the "Business end" you wonder..

will it hurt?... 90% chance of pain-free Death if shot in the back of the head, with a high velocity .303 round... you better hope they dont experiment with slower physiological finality... but even if it does hurt a lot!.. it will be the last time you ever have to suffer it...

In THIS LIFE... next time; 
you do the bad stuff..

Unless you ever had the Love of a caring Woman to save you from the Misery of endless Repetitive retaliation and retribution..

Only a Woman knows the Profound Gift of Mercy.. to give life as She dies.. Only womankind; can save a World; filled; with Mad; bad; dumb fuck asshole selfish agressive and arrogant Men... who dont have a clue about the real value of life; as a Gift... For all..


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