Saturday, 20 August 2016

Love is for the Dead

The Dead?.. of course; they are who we owe our existence.. Their Hopes for us (the living) are unchallenged..

Love is wasted on the Young.. nobody gets it; until.. it's almost too late.. what is mistaken in early life as Love is a trick masquerading in desire and selfishness.. in passion and risk taking foolhardiness... that gets this world overpopulated with worthless Bums' like me.. and most of You... Who achieves greatness deliberately?.. none.. it takes a quadra trillion to one.. an accident of a personal given Majesty; to hit the whole checklist, of Good Bones with a wonderful skin.. and every true virtue within..

only the Humble; truly Natural and well rasied attain the golden goal of "being OK with who you are"..

Dont Mock the Dead.. don't you realise; you are laughing at yourself.. The Dead are the truly fucked.. I owe You more than I can ever Repay.. those who steal; are stolen from.. as an outcast must admit they do not belong.. dont fit in the designated level and civilised appropriation of manners and reason.. in persona with a real life in your face, and charm to burn...

Forget it I'd rather love a dog... people are Capricious and Duplistic.. coz the dopes are too trusting and simplistic.. fools who get taken for a ride.. "and never come back"... false promises are woven on the carpet to Hell.. 

An old Girlfriend once said to me.. something that Shocked me deeply.. coz I had never heard her say anything "that Profound" before..

SHE: " I dont want someone I can live with.. I want someone I cannot live without.. "

by then; I was a Cuckold already... 2 weeks later I was sent to the trash heap, where all fools souls lay until they disintegrate.. that old halfway house called.. "Heartbreak Hotel"...

she also said something else that Shocked me.. after we broke up she wanted a bit of fun to remember me by.. so We met went to my room, Obviously I dont need to illustrate it!.. your dirty minds can fill in the omission..

Just after we got tempoarily conjoined by the Genitals she said in a very cold voice, "to get my attention"

SHE: "dont come inside me... I've got a hot date tonight, and I dont want your come.. on his Tongue..."

Now; you get why I love words so much... they reach a place that mundane fornication or Sex in general; has yet to find... will ever find.. 'The Encrypted Orgasm'.. to come in Public.. yet still be deemed decent; with words from the vulva of your mind.. that reaches touches and penetrates.. right to the Gut's, the soul.. and beyond reckoning..

to leave a trace.. like a slap in the face... a Hi-5 from a complete stranger; who is on your wavelength and without Danger; get's you!.. you share a moment of spiritual union.. in the moment the hands "Clap".. is Communion..

HE: this is for U, who; I will never see again... 
but am thankful we at least passed each other; once.. it's enough for now, and forever.. it's enough; for me... baby..

Being sappy and romantic now... sniff... (fooled You!! lol..)

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