Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Equilibrium in Love..?

The Lover is the giver of love, the taker is the hater of it.. love just enough to get by, love too much then they get bored and say goodbye.. one is the sucker, the other is just a fucker...

Can there be an Equilibrium in Love.. the one who loves the most usually gets toasted.. whereas the Pig gets Roasted.. a very befitting end; to an ex lover and 2 faced friend...

the only true pursuit of Human love is through, selflessness.. easy as that .. can you do it?... probably not.. your just another Leech sucking blood like Narcissistic material vampires do..

Wedding photos are amongst the most chilling you will ever see.. when years down the line, "I want what's mine!" is the war cry of divorce.. upon the discovery of illicit intercourse... 

Remember the song "Why do fools fall in Love" ... coz; only fools believe in whats too good to be true.. until it starts Beating You.. putting you down, and every night is a Cat fight.. every meal is an ordeal... When affection and comfort is unreal.. when you are not even sure of anything you feel..

When the Love of all time; turns to the Genesis of morality crimes.. it's time to get gone, and go Home to Mamma... the only place you can be sure, that a Welcome will be Your's.. Home is where the soul lives.. if you have no home to go to.. then all my sympathy and pity is on You..

it costs nothing to smile.. but means so much; and reaches so deeply within the heart of a wounded outcast.. just smile "sincerely from the heart to another"; and for that tiny moment you give; the comfort of a Mother.. from your own; who taught you how to be kind...

there is no Equilibrium in love.. it's all one sided.. resign to give and get nothing back... which is the act of a supreme being.. a good soul is not really living, unless it is Giving... it is it's own reward and a path to paradise...

just be polite and nice.. which is the driving algorithm of innate Human behaviour.. and by it; you should always win favor..

(a Superb contemplation of Loves jagged edge's)


This is the way of it, wide world over,
One is beloved, and one is the lover,
One gives and the other receives.
One lavishes all in a wild emotion,
One offers a smile for a life’s devotion,
One hopes and the other believes,
One lies awake in the night to weep,
And the other drifts off in a sweet sound sleep.

One soul is aflame with a godlike passion,
One plays with love in an idler’s fashion,
One speaks and the other hears.
One sobs, ‘I love you, ’ and wet eyes to show it,
And one laughs lightly, and says, ‘I know it, ’
With smiles for the other’s tears.
One lives for the other and nothing beside,
And the other remembers the world is wide.

This is the way of it, sad earth over,
The heart that breaks is the heart of the lover,
And the other learns to forget.
‘For what is the use in endless sorrow?
Though the sun goes down, it will rise tomorrow;
And life is not over yet.’
Oh! I know this truth, if I know no other,
That passionate Love is Pain’s own mother. 

Ella Wheeler Wilcox 
(yet another 'Great American')

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