Monday, 22 August 2016

Being straight is a Nightmare..

Reality; whatever that actually is.. horrible when you have to be without the 'Lens of altered consciousness... if you are dependant on another thing or another one.. addiction; is the fear of letting go... to a comfort... that sustains you..

whereas The slimmers disease, 'Vitae-phobia' as I call it.. the desire to look like a skeleton retrieved from the ovens a Auschwitz.. their comfort is the opposite, Denying the comfort of Food from a tormented stomach.. like Egomaniacs do with distorted self image predominant.. over natural life.. their life is very short.. and only a thin thread of 'sinew' holds them aloft.. Dear old Anorexia a whole lot better than Dyspepsia.. the veritable Anti addiction to food.. Christ if they only knew what they were missing... 

But an addiction that sustains you from Gut churning cramps, and a nausea from 'just being alive'..

that has no equal in the organised chaos of an addicted mind.. the irony is; addiction can mean not taking that; which you most need.. an inversion of addiction itself... denying a fix that will heal you..

go ahead look down on others... but remember you are not safe to condemn those who are helpless... one day you will be helpless; and nobody will come to save you... Your days are numbered; all life is finite.. However better you think you are; you too will have the Death of a Pauper... poor for lack of strength, to breath; eat; and carry on..

not long now.. when most of the future is behind you... what could you look forward to?... a quick demise is much to be hoped for...

Remember suicide really is painless.. it's just a pity more people dont do it... why?.. coz Scum suckers without a soul; only live for pleasure.. death awaits at your leisure... Couch potatoes will die on the sofa.. just when your favorite Show begins on "Terra Nova"..

Death is the final act of Birth... it's only then do you really get born.. dont run away in fear.. Embrace it: best advice ever given from a dead man who got to live again in you.. as you will do another..

But; only if; you have the Soul to JUMP.. into the void of a dark Quantum.. where there are no guarantees of survival at all.. accept annihilation or rebirth.. only the brave in spirit get through..

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